To some, socks might be an afterthought in the process of getting dressed. Perhaps you, too, look at your top drawer with disdain to find a pile of unorganized, mismatched sets in front of you (just how do they always go missing in the laundry?). But actually, this oft-underrated accessory has the potential to be one of the most important parts of your entire outfit. The key to making a pair do the heavy lifting for you? Knowing just where to buy the best socks and, of course, an arsenal of styling tricks for wearing them.

Rochelle Sara Gan and Nandita Sekhar, co-CEOs and founders of Stems, tell TZR together in an email, “So much attention goes into the larger real estate of an outfit — the skirt, the blouse, the dress — but consider treating socks like your jewelry. They should receive just as much attention to fully complete your look.” This sentiment rings true across the board. And although it is important to have good basics on hand, statement styles are not out of the conversation.

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